Land of Sunshine

Editions:Hardcover - 1
ISBN: 9788740908909
Pages: 40
ePub - 1
ISBN: 978-87-93378-00-1

Follow Celia, Oscar and Tommy on their walk up the rainbow to the Land of Sunshine. They are joined by Tommy's dog Chase who constantly loses his red ball.

In the Land of Sunshine it is the children's turn to lose as Chase suddenly runs off, and then the adventure begins. Will they succeed in finding Chase?

On their journey they are joined by the little creature Swip who promises to help the children, if they in turn help him get to the princess. Princess Sunflower is held captive in the magic castle by the citizens of Fox Valley. A quest that takes courage, but also a magical sprinkle of joy.

A magical world in all the colors of the rainbow awaits the three friends and Chase the dog.

Title: Land of Sunshine
Author: Malene Rossau
Pages: 40 (Hardback)
Published: August 2015

Age: 5-8 years

ISBN: 9788740908909 (Hardback) -  TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT
ISBN: 9788793378001 (eBOOK)


How often are we not ourselves fascinated by the marvelous presence of a rainbow in the sky? Perhaps you, as a child, also heard stories about a pot of gold that maybe was to be found at the end of the rainbow.

The author has incorporated this fascination in her heart-warming story of the Land of Sunshine. The land at the end of the big, beautiful rainbow that on an overcast day appears in the sky and invites with its brilliant colors three friends to chase adventure all on their own. A 'children's world' all alone, in search of adventure, where courage is tested, friendships are made, and curiosity is allowed to unfold. 

(ages 5-8)

The author got the idea for the story a Summer day, when she and her children saw a rainbow. They imagined that they could walk up the rainbow to the enormous cloud high in the sky.

This became the story of the Land of Sunshine. The story of three children and Chase the dog, who walk up the rainbow to the Land of Sunshine behind the cloud.

"The children looked around the hilly landscape. By now, it was almost dark. The castle had long since disappeared into invisibility as the sun went to bed. 

The children arrived at a small valley with clusters of houses huddled together for warmth. The houses had thatched roofs, and smoke was coming out the chimneys."

Extract from 'Land of Sunshine'

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